Adnexitis: description, symptoms, treatment

Adnexitis is a female disease when inflamed uterine appendages, or rather the fallopian tubes and ovaries. The disease is also called a salpingo. Although adnexitis is inflammatory in nature, it is most often seen due to stress, hypothermia, frequency change of sexual partners, poor personal hygiene, nervous disorders, and other conditions and diseases which reduce the overall resistance of the organism.

Needless to inflammation caused by pathogens such as E. coli and gonococci. The ovaries and fallopian tubes through different bacteria penetrate. Ascending the way – this is when germs from penetrating the genitals into the uterus or appendages. Hematogenous path – infection penetrates through the bloodstream.

Symptoms salpingoophoritis

The most common symptom of the disease – pulling or throbbing pain in the abdomen. The pain often is periodic in nature, much less often it can feel all the time. Sometimes the pain can be felt in the rump. During the examination the gynecologist probes painful increase appendages.

In acute adnexitis sometimes fever. The worst thing that can happen when an acute inflammation of the appendages purulent abscess formation, after which can tear the fallopian tubes and begin peritonitis. If acute adnexitis has no complications for the 7-15 days, the pain subsides. If left untreated salpingo, there is a risk of the chronic form of the disease.

Chronic adnexitis

The chronic form of the disease characterized by the formation of adhesions when spliced ​​tissue in the fallopian tubes. Chronic adnexitis can develop independently and strictly after the appendages inflammation. In this form of pain can be felt in the area of ​​the sacrum, the groin and the anus. The pain of the chronic form occurs most often due to hypothermia, fatigue and so on. The chronic form adnexitis may cause ectopic pregnancy or infertility worse.

adnexitis Treatment

The doctor at adnexitis assigns complex treatment. For starters conducted antibacterial therapy. Next can assign physiotherapy: Electrophoresis, laser treatment. As well as in inflammatory diseases of the need to strengthen the body and increase immunity.

If the disease is severe, then may use surgery by laparoscopy. During this procedure, a probe introduced into the cavity of inflamed epididymis, which removed the pus, mucous surface is cleaned and then processed by the right medicines.

You should know that this disease can not be cured on their own. You also can not put a hot water bottle to his stomach, or take hot baths to relieve the pain – it’s only further intensify the inflammatory process. While the doctor confirms that the cured form of acute or chronic inflammation of the appendages is in remission, it is prohibited to engage in sexual intercourse.

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