Diet for gastritis and duodenitis – Proper nutrition

Diet – is not only the lot of trying to lose a couple of kilograms of hypochondriac young ladies, but sometimes urgent need. That it becomes for those who must comply with a certain table for medical reasons. Nausea and vomiting, persistent diarrhea, abdominal pain, heaviness in the stomach, malaise and weakness – the typical symptoms of gastritis and duodenitis. Agree with them for a long time can not be tolerated – and that means you need to switch to an appropriate diet.

Diet for gastritis and duodenitis aims to remove from the diet all that irritates the mucous membrane of the digestive system and duodenum. To do this, use a soft and liquid food, good steamed and boiled almost to puree the state. Solid products are available in peretёrtom form – this applies to the majority of fruits and vegetables. It is best perceived fluid enveloping the stomach porridge, fruit and vegetable purees.

Meals should be frequent but small in volume – is allowed up to 250 g of product at each reception. There may be six or more times a day, but without overloading the stomach and trying to cut food in the evening. Doctors also recommend pay attention to the process of eating the food – solid fractions should be carefully and slowly chew.

Subject to this diet also changes the composition of used products. Reduce the amount of fat and carbohydrates from the diet is practically excluded sweet, forbidden is fatty, fried, salty, spicy foods, pickles. But proteins and volume of liquids, on the contrary, should increase. If you’ve liked the steak or stew, but now it is better to replace a couple of chops, peretёrtymi soups and broths. To reduce consumption of meat not necessarily the main thing – to give preference to low-fat varieties.

Like almost any other disease, gastritis, and duodenitis are forced to pay attention to vitamin intake. For the normalization of the metabolism and recovery mucosa of the gastrointestinal tract are essential vitamins of the B, C and E. These can be easily prepared from low-fat cheese, soft boiled fish, eggs, fruit and vegetable purees and juices. Just keep in mind that the sour fruits are banned: use lemon, orange, grapefruit fresh juices is impossible, no matter how strongly irritate.

Diet for gastritis and duodenitis, what can?

Nutritious diet with a daily ration for a few weeks and painted to detail recommendations on the volume and frequency of reception products must appoint a physician. He’s after a personal inspection to draw conclusions about a diet based on the stage of the disease, the body weight, metabolic characteristics, the use of features of certain products, the presence of allergies and other nuances. But there is a general list of foods and dishes that are recommended for use in all patients with gastritis and duodenitis, especially during the acute illness.

Kashi, boiled to the consistency of sour cream, cooked in water and milk. If the usual porridge add some sliced ​​bananas and apples, and then fill it a small amount of liquid cream, then it will be much better! Oatmeal and buckwheat should become permanent regulars at your desk.

Peretёrty vegetables and puree any vegetables. This is a useful soft and greasy food, do not injure the stomach.

Fatty dairy products. From the sour cream, cottage cheese and whipped cream will have to give up for a long time – it’s fatty foods, so – harmful to the body. But just abandon the “milk” still not worth it. In the absence of exacerbations allowed to eat low-fat cottage cheese, yogurt and milk.

Rusks and biscuits diet – the only kind of bread that is possible. But fresh pastries is strictly contraindicated.

Compote of dried fruits, juices, fruit drinks, herbal teas – the best way to quench their thirst and to renew the water balance in the body, they can be eaten in unlimited quantities.

As in any diet, gastritis and duodenitis should avoid alcohol, spicy, oily, fried and marinated food. It does not benefit even the healthy organism, and so the patient will not bring even more so. But you can learn to live with any diet, if not lazy to cook various and delicious food, move it will be very easy.

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