Modern dentistry types and characteristics of the implants

Now people of all income levels can afford dentures with implants. Industry offers a wide range of artificial teeth at a relatively affordable price. Implants have moved from the category of unique artificial teeth in the category of affordable dentures. And all because the technology has been standardized, implants were produced by many manufacturers.

Not long ago, the implantation of teeth carried out only a few large Russian clinics. Now the situation has changed dramatically. Dentures with implants performed throughout the country. This was made possible by a number of reasons.

Firstly, an innovative technology has been perfected and standardized. Second, the production of implants have mastered a number of companies. Thirdly, the cost of this type of prosthesis has declined sharply. Thus, modern dentistry in Moscow provides the ability to efficiently recover dentition patients with any level of income.

Most of the implants on the market made from alloys with 99% titanium content. Some products also used zirconium oxide. The difference between the implants premium and budget category is the quality and purity used in the manufacture of alloys.

The alloys are cheap impurities, thereby decreasing the operational life of the prosthesis, but the risk of bone ingrowth into the fabric, on the contrary, increased. Implants of expensive alloys are able to serve more than a dozen years. They are finishing a complex in which their surface acquires porosity. Through this process of implantation in the patient’s gingiva it runs more efficiently without complications.

The implants from different manufacturers possess individual design features and geometry. Most of them includes in its membership the outer member projecting above the gum; a threaded pin, which provides fixation of the prosthesis in the bone tissue; neck adapter which is between the two fragments. The length of the pin varies in the range 6-16 mm. It is selected on the basis of bone and the thickness of the expected load on the prosthesis. Some implants are equipped with multi-type pin thread. They are fixed in the bone of different density stratification.

Traditional implantation involves the introduction into the bone tissue of the lower element of the artificial tooth. Within a few months of his passes implantation. Upon successful completion of this process, the top element is attached.

Improved technology allowed the change process. Now there are implants that may be defined in a thin bone without bone augmentation routine. They are mounted on a portion of a larger area, thus reducing the level of penetration into the bone. Such implants are used frequently in situations where a prosthetic several adjacent teeth with each other.

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