Osteoporosis: description, causes, symptoms, treatment

One of the issues that concerns human bone skeleton is osteoporosis. The disease is associated with increased bone fragility. This pathology is quite common. According to statistics, osteoporosis is on the 4th place among the most common diseases such as diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular disease. Basically, the disease occurs in women especially after 65 years of menopause, when the body breaks down into calcium metabolism. Although osteoporosis may occur in men with imperfect metabolism.

The danger of this disease lies in the fact that a person with osteoporosis due to bone fragility fracture risk of unexpected arises: can easily turkey withdrawal vertebrae, femoral neck, and limbs.

Osteoporosis symptoms

As mentioned above it is hypersensitivity to fractures become the main symptom of osteoporosis. When running the form of bone disease can break not only in the fall and impact, but also even when lifting weights, heavy vibration, such as riding in a car on rough roads, and so on.

The fact that in the body there is a lack of calcium can say increased fragility of nails and hair. It is also the beginning of the pathology can become painful joints, stiffness while driving.

Causes of osteoporosis

There are several causes of the disease, for which we can not influence. Therefore, knowing what may happen should be timely diagnosis and monitor health. There are the following causes of disease:

  • Gender man. Above we said that women are more susceptible to the disease;
  • Age after age 50;
  • Hereditary predisposition;
  • Various hormonal disorders, the use of hormonal methods;
  • Immobility more than two months;
  • Menopause due to surgery.

Often the disease itself provokes the man himself, speeding up its development:

  • Sedentary lifestyle;
  • Wrong food products with a small amount of vitamin D and calcium;
  • Smoking, drugs and alcohol.

Treatment of osteoporosis

In order to determine the development of osteoporosis necessary to densitometry. During this procedure, the doctor measures the bone mineral density. If a person has at least one feature of bone pathology, it is assigned a frequent diagnosis.

Treatment of osteoporosis directly related to the recovery of metabolism. To do this, appoint such medications as ksidifon, Aklasta for improved bone mineralization.

Also prescribed course of restorative procedures: a diet with foods rich in vitamin D and calcium, exercises, frequent walks in the air.

If unforeseen crises started, then the patient warned of increased caution and advise how to move, and so on.

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