Urticaria: description, causes, treatment

One type of allergy is a rash, which manifests itself on the skin, much less on the mucosal surfaces in the form of an itchy rash. The name of this type of soy allergy has received because of the similarity with the burn of a nettle. The symptom may appear as a kind of allergy, but also as a form of angioedema or angioedema shock. Actually urticaria in these cases it is shown in the form of heavy, because of which even edema may affect the respiratory tract, thereby resulting in suffocation and death.

In the acute form of urticaria caused it very easy to identify. However, in the chronic form, when it comes and goes is difficult to determine the guilty allergen.

Urticaria in children

In children, the metabolic processes intensive than in adults occur and why allergies occur faster. Typically, urticaria appearance suggests that the body does not take the baby or another substance. In the case of the observation that the child is restless, there was a red rash on the body, and he began to itch, you should remember what fed and watered the kid what he touched, and so on, and clean away.

Solar urticaria

Also urticaria often it occurs because of the sunlight falling on the skin of ultraviolet radiation. Allergic reaction of this kind can arise even in adults: it is sensitive to the sun, the use of certain cosmetics, getting sap on the skin, taking certain antibiotics – and all this is called photosensitivity.

What she had not invoked the mechanism of its action itself: under ultraviolet light (the sun or in a solarium) in the skin accumulate substances – allergens leading to skin inflammation.

urticaria Treatment

To remove the symptoms of urticaria are appointed by antihistamines such as Suprastin, Aerius and so on. Other allergy medications first and last generations are strong but also have many side effects. But modern medicine can restore health and do not have a nervous system strong influence. Urticaria Treatment may also enter into a reception immunostimulants and corticosteroid agents.

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