How To Prevent The Most Common Winter Diseases

How To Prevent The Most Common Winter Diseases

Winter is the season of colds and the flu. In today’s article we are going to see some tips that will allow us to keep these diseases away during the winter which is expected to be very cold.

 How to prevent the most common winter diseases

This exceptionally warm autumn has not allowed us to create the habit of wearing warm clothes that other years we had used for a few weeks. So a sudden cold can catch us unprepared, causing our body to feel the cold in a more intense way and also in specific moments we even get to shake.

Continuous tremor can depress our immune system and make us more prone to illness. But there are other aspects that can directly affect our immune system, such as the hours of sunlight. The alteration in the amount of light that we should normally receive modifies the concentrations of melatonin and serotonin, two hormones that directly control the effectiveness of our immune system.

Although most infections are mainly transmitted through air by the “aerosol” effect that occurs when we sneeze, the germs can also be transmitted by physical contact and enter our body when we touch the eyes, mouth or nose our hands.

How To Prevent The Most Common Winter DiseasesThese areas offer a very easy way of access for germs, being able to arrive without great problems until the airways although they have defense barriers. The best way to counteract this effect is to wash our hands often and dry them with tissue paper towels or disposable wipes, thus significantly reducing the chances of contracting a virus, especially rotavirus, which can infect children and Cause vomiting and diarrhea.

As far as possible we should avoid large crowds of people, the closeness between people makes it much easier to contract an infection. Crowded trains, poorly ventilated areas, crowded stores, etc., make getting a cold really easy.

The central heating reduces our defenses and affects our respiratory system negatively producing the desiccation of the mucous membranes and thus weakening one of our first protective barriers. The dry, suffocating air from the heating can make a mild sore throat or minor discomfort in the chest like asthma worse.

Regular physical activity is one of the strongest weapons in the fight against winter infections. Practicing sport regularly in both winter and summer improves our moods, which also affects our ability to fight infections. On the other hand, the daily or frequent practice of a sport will allow us to have a quality dream, in many people, it is not a question of sleeping more, but of sleeping better and in that we will find a great ally in the sport.

Food is, as we all know, one of the most important factors. With a varied and balanced diet rich in foods containing the vitamins and minerals that are responsible for strengthening our immune system will help us to be able to more easily prevent and overcome the most common diseases of winter.

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