Five Foods To Detoxify Christmas Dinners

Five Foods To Detoxify Christmas Dinners

Eating too much is one of the biggest problems of Christmas. Family dinners and gatherings of friends do not give way to the stomach. We propose five foods to recover not only your figure but to leave behind the Christmas excesses.

Five foods to detoxify Christmas dinners

Christmas is plagued by excesses in what food refers to: we eat much more than we need and the proportion of fat intake, sweets, etc. Is much higher than recommended. For this reason, many people are already considering in the month of January a period of natural detoxification for which we can count on certain foods.

Eye, let’s not confuse ourselves, in this case we are not talking about so-called miracle diets that, at best, are in many cases questionable. What we are talking about is food that can help us purify our body, but always incorporated into a wider and healthier diet.

Five Foods To Detoxify Christmas DinnersWater: consider it food or not, but the truth is that water is essential if you want to clean your body after the excesses of the holidays. It will help you improve blood circulation by which you try to eliminate the remains of binge eating, rehydrate you and, in general, are always beneficial in these processes. Although it depends on your body and your needs, it is usually advisable to consider drinking at least two to three liters of water a day.

Green salads: the presence of lettuce, watercress, spinach, chicory … is very interesting in this process of purification: they are natural diuretics and also will provide a good amount of antioxidants, helping you to clean and remove toxins and free radicals.

Use lemon : you need to improve the digestion processes, but also as we have said you have to look for hydration and antioxidant elements: using lemon is a very good idea and note that you can do both mixed with water, for example, for Salad dressing among many other options.

Fruit: it is always good to consume fresh fruit but if we are fighting for cleaning the trail of Christmas excesses is fundamental. When we eat fresh fruit we are contributing our body elements as important as vitamins, fiber, water, minerals and antioxidants, we also help in a remarkable way the digestion processes.

Whole grains: it is interesting the presence of the whole grains that the integral cereals possess. They will help them fight against toxins, as they are very rich in fiber, in addition to providing a good amount of nutrients and antioxidants.

The above, those five foods that you can use to detoxify yourself from Christmas excesses, should be just one part of a healthy postnavity process. A varied and balanced diet, practice of exercise and improve sleep habits that in the festive season often suffer major disorders will also help the body and mind return to normal.

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