Grow Older By Choosing The Right Foods

Grow Older By Choosing The Right Foods

I though there are many factors influencing how each develops, it is clear that both living habits and food can greatly determine our current and future state. Let’s look at some of the essential foods that should not be lacking in any diet for good health, appearance and vitality.

First, say that vegetables, fruits and vegetables are foods that contain more substances capable of preventing certain common diseases, as well as getting the body to function properly.

I also leave you an interesting video of retinol, a precursor of Vitamin A widely used in cosmetic creams as an anti-aging product and that is really effective.

Grow Older By Choosing The Right FoodsRejuvenating Habits

An apple a day helps regulates and balances your bowel. The apple is one of the most balanced fruits that exist. In addition to its antioxidant properties, which help delay cellular aging, apples can also act as an astringent or as a laxative depending on how they are consumed. If it is peeled, scratched and allowed to darken, it will increase its amount of tannins (antidiarrheals and anti-inflammatories), while eating raw and with skin fights constipation.

Including rosemary and broccoli in the diet can reduce the risk of cancer. Rosemary contains substances, quinones, which are capable of counteracting the effect of others related to the development of cancer. Eating broccoli or cauliflower may decrease the risk of lung, colon, prostate and ovarian cancers. These products should be consumed at least twice a week, and the consumption of olive oil is also highly recommended.

Eating carrots will favor having the view in good condition. A diet rich in fruits and vegetables containing vitamins A, C, E, lutein and riboflavin B2 are recommended by the Ophthalmology Institute of Alicante, especially vitamin A (the carrot contains it in large quantities), which has a direct relationship with The visual function. Citrus fruits and vitamin C in general, on the other hand, prevent deterioration of the skin and favor the appearance of young face. There are studies that demonstrate that with this vitamin a dermis is obtained much more smooth and fresh.

The sesame helps strong bones, preventing osteoporosis, which is produced by thinning and wear thereof. Calcium and magnesium help prevent it, so in addition to dairy products, it is very beneficial to include green leafy vegetables, sesame seeds and blue fish in the diet. Most sports and physical exercise in general also help strengthen bones and combat or prevent osteoporosis.

The gelatin helps keep joints in good condition, because it is hydrolyzed collagen. Keep in mind that I mean certain types of gelatine, since some are virtually sugar. Regular consumption of this product helps prevent joint damage.

There are many other habits that influence the state of the body and the way we have to grow old, the body will notice practically everything, but these are some of the most important ones, and I will comment on others in the future.

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