5 Dogmas For Perfect Skin

5 Dogmas For Perfect Skin

These are the 5 dogmas that leave us one of the most prestigious dermatologists in the world that treats the skin of many international stars and that works with the house Neutrogena.

There are 5 simple steps to follow that if we do daily we will notice in a few days. It does not want to sell products, in fact does not speak of any specific product, but it does give us the essential keys to follow so that it is easy and we can do it every day without wasting much time.

Doris Gray, a dermatologist at the famous cosmetics brand “Neutrogena”, studied hard to be able to process the skin care routine that best describes the daily rhythms of women.

Often our lives are full of commitments and meetings and almost always forget to take a few minutes to dedicate to our personal care. But Doris Gray had the brilliant idea of ​​developing a simple 5-step program that exploits the regenerative properties of sleep.

The famous phrase “the beauty of the siesta” is not just a myth. During the night and when resting the skin works hard to create new cells and repair any kind of damage or imperfection. There are, however, some small measures that we could follow every night before going to sleep and that will give speed to much of the process.

Wishing to discover them? ‘Here I leave you the 5 dogmas of the brilliant dermatologist!

5 Dogmas For Perfect Skin1.Go to bed with clean face: if you go to sleep with the makeup put is something totally harmful to the skin. Not only is it caused by most skin imperfections but it is also one of the main reasons why it increases the birth of wrinkles.

Even if you are very tired you must draw strength and find those two minutes. You do not need more time than that to make-up and go to bed without remorse.

2.Develop a 5-step program: It is important to develop your own skin care routine and follow it religiously every night. You can start by carefully cleaning the face and then applying a toner that suits your skin type. After this, it would be good to use an anti-aging serum and a special repairing treatment.

Finally, it finishes with a massage in the face with a good cream of high hydration until its total absorption.

3.Check the list of ingredients: if you want an ultra-soft appearance of the skin use an anti-aging serum containing retinol among its ingredients. This substance, in fact, speeds up the cycle of cell replacement making the skin look more radiant and smooth, and also helps to reduce the visibility of wrinkles.

The retinol, however, may cause irritation; in cases where your skin begins to show burning or redness, the dose to be applied decreases.

Other major allies of beauty are peptides, which supply the skin’s collagen and antioxidants, giving it a firmer and younger appearance.

4.Rest 8 hours: You might think that we have enough energy to face the day even if we sleep only six hours, but your skin does not agree. To get a fresh look and rested every morning it is essential to sleep at least 8 hours each night.

5.Love your body: Emotional stress, pollution, smoking, lack of moisture and exposure to the sun are factors that put the health of the skin at stake.

The sun is the first cause of aging of the skin and wrinkles, so it is imperative to use a good sunscreen every day. Even in winter, when the weather is rainy or cloudy, apply a small amount of lotion to protect the skin from UV rays daily.

And with these simple tips, if you apply them daily, you will notice that your skin improves quickly.

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