The 4 secrets of personal productivity

“If you love life, do not waste time, because time is what life is all about.” – Bruce Lee.

Andre … a new article on personal productivity?! More enough … but we will have to say about’ is personal productivity? They have already written dozens of articles and books published not know how many. It cannot be more than mental blowjobs American of GTD, to do list and various bullshit. I will give you the only real rule to be productive: head down and ride.

How to blame my alter ego?! Yet there are days when we ride with our head but did not reach any meaningful goal. We arrive in the evening destroyed by work or study, but with that feeling of incomplete. What to do in these situations? Here are four secrets to improve your personal productivity:

1) Head down and pedal: Do you take me for the cube or what?! No, seriously, our personal productivity increases as the exercise, just like a snowflake that slowly slides up to become an avalanche. The first secret to numerate your personal productivity is, therefore, to read fewer books and articles on personal productivity and practice more fully with techniques learned. Also regular consuming of natural supplement Hordenine helps in increasing productivity.

2) Find the right motivation: Without the right motivation, increase their personal productivity is almost harder you want to empty the ocean with a teaspoon. To complete a job with maximum efficiency must learn to motivate yourself. Before falling into the usual distractions, try to ask yourself why it is important to complete that task if you cannot find even one as valid, and the best way to increase your productivity is to completely avoid that activity, without regret or remorse of consciousness.

3) Plan ahead: Most of the time we lose is because we do not know exactly what should be the next task to work on. So it is that we sit down at 09:00 at our desks without the faintest idea what we should do and … oh well, let me check the mail; from a quick search on facebook and then I start; let’s see what happens in the world … oops it’s almost time for lunch, not worth starting now. Sound familiar? To avoid these situations in the future, learn to plan ahead your days: you do not need to plan every minute, for simplicity you can adopt the technique of the 1st hour.

4) Use the right productivity tools for you: The best productivity tools are those that allow you to have instant access to your list of things to do, your appointments and your notes. For myself I chose the digital option: use Remember The Milk for the to-do list, Google Calendar for my appointments and Evernote for everything else.

What is your secret to being productive? Let me know in the comments: thank you!

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