This Summer Protect Yourself From These 4 Threats To The Ears

This Summer Protect Yourself From These 4 Threats To The Ears

When the heat starts, ear problems also come. These are the 4 things that usually cause them and that we should avoid!

The same thing happens every year and this year is no different from the others. That is why I wanted to make this post dedicated to the problems of otitis typical of this time of year. There is no day that someone does not come to the pharmacy with earache or some ear problem and in fact, according to a recent study carried out by GAES (sure that sounds to you of the TV commercial), of every 3 Spaniards one suffers Otitis at this time of year (and if we add to the foreigners who come to vacation to our coasts the statistics soar).

No wonder that the one that starts to get hot what people want is to take a dip and cool down. The problem is that they do not take adequate prevention measures and then there are earaches, the sensation of having water in the ear and not being able to hear well what happens around us or what our partners say … Surely you have Suffered some otitis at some point in your life, right ?.

Well, seeing that it is something so common and that year after year continues giving more than a headache, I have decided to make this article so that you know the causes that cause it and what we can do so that it does not affect us.

This Summer Protect Yourself From These 4 Threats To The EarsAt number 1 heading the list of otitis is the refreshing and fun swimming pools and beaches.

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At least in the area where we have the pharmacy are the “queens” of otitis. I do not say that we do not go to the water, not much less!, But what we should take by custom is that when leaving it is necessary to dry the ears well with the help of the towel so that there is no water or moisture.

It is advisable to avoid excess earwax. I leave this article of interest what is ear wax? And above all, do you have to remove it or not?

It would also be good to use plugs for water whenever we want to plunge even if it is not to the liking of many…

In second position are the problems related to heights (the airplanes). I suppose because of the fact of being in a tourist area with continuous changes of tourists (every week or every two weeks new people arrive and the others go)…

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When we take a plane we climb to such a height that the atmospheric pressure of the earth and the air changes and this affects the ears, although some notice it more than others. It is known as aeroitis and not all of us notice the same because it is a regulation of our body equating the pressure of the middle ear and the environment but if it slows down it causes this sensation. That is why, when a plane is going to take off or land, there are many people who notice discomfort in their ears. You may even experience a deafness that can last for several seconds.

What should be done in these cases? The ideal is to chew a gum or eat a candy in the key moments, that is, when we take off and when we land. The important thing is to make a movement with the jaw opening and closing it. This will cause Eustachian tubes to open and pressure can be regulated more quickly. Although it is also useful to breathe deeply while we cover our noses (but not holding our breath because we would produce the opposite effect and should not be done if there is sinusitis because you could cause an infection of the ears) or yawn, although the yawn is More complicated to provoke it by wanting … These methods cause air to pass through the Eustachian tubes by uncovering the ears.

The third and fourth position is for other ways we have to cool off in the heat…

The use of air conditioners is also not good for the ears. The problem is that the environment is drying up and that affects us negatively. Can be solved using humidifiers.

Air Conditioner

Do not hydrate yourself enough. I always insist on the importance of drinking and drinking (water, of course) and eating foods that provide us with hydration.

Drink water ear

But there are many people who still do not hydrate properly and in hotter times it translates into problems like vertigo, dizziness, perceiving sounds or blows (what is known as tinnitus) … All this happens because the heat causes the volume of Decrease blood pressure and thereby lower blood pressure. So you know, to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day spread over several shots.

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