Andulation Therapy to Relieve Spinal Stenosis Pain

Who has not experienced muscle aches, muscle stiffness or back pain? Andulation therapy is an effective method to relieving pains non-invasively.

One of the diseases in which this therapy is used is spinal stenosis . This pathology consists of an abnormal narrowing (stenosis) of the spinal canal that can occur in one of the regions of the spine. This narrowing leads to neurological deficits and can affect different areas of the body and the symptoms may be somewhat different depending on the affected area. In the stricture Lumba r often leg pain (sciatica) and tingling in the legs, weakness or numbness, paresthesia and even loss of motor control are suffering. Arm pain is a typical symptom of cervical spinal stenosis. For the stenosis of the cervical spine with myelopathy, there is often difficulty in coordination.

The treatment of spinal stenosis may include non-surgical options such as exercise, anti-inflammatory medication, epidural injections and modification of daily activities, although the use of natural medical treatments such as Andulation is increasing. This is because with this method it is not necessary to take medication, nor is it passed by the operating room nor is invasive methods used, and in addition, the treatment is painless.

Andulation Therapy to Relieve Spinal Stenosis PainThe HHP house   offers this Andulation technology by applying this therapy through a massage bed that is as efficient as it is comfortable. This technique uses infrared heat that stimulates the expansion of blood vessels thus improving blood circulation. In combination with the heat vibrations are generated and the posture is improved in a totally painless way, without having to take medications and without using any invasive technique. Not only is it used for the skin or muscles, but it can help different organs of the body. It should be remembered that the internal organs are connected through nerve reflexes and that makes stimulating in this way the superficial part of the body can also treat the internal organs.

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They are not therapies that cure diseases but they are of great help for chronic diseases because they contribute multiple benefits and serve to relieve the pain and to make more bearable this type of pathologies. It is certainly a good way to improve the quality of life for people with chronic diseases associated with pain.

Back pain is one of the most common endemic diseases and the cause is usually in our own way of living. What do I want to say with that? Well that acts like working sitting many hours, or standing all day, leaning and doing movements with which we overload the back which always follow the same patterns cause stress of the spine day after day. What’s more, 89% of all cases of back pain are attributed to biomechanical stress. This leads to muscle tension, myelosales and circulatory disorders, which lead to more pain. The rising trend is alarming. This idea was the basis for the development of different devices of Andulation with which to alleviate these pains and improve the quality of life of those who use it.

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