Depression And 3 Tools To Have A Healthy Mind!

“Depression” is a term that is heard daily. I’m depressed, depressed, depressed, etc. Even on these dates close to Christmas there are many people who “depress” to have to celebrate.

Having worked for years with the depression I have been able to realize how debilitating these states of mind can become, which, if they become established as an illness, are more difficult to recover.

We should all be able to open our consciousness to our mental health and discover tools to keep our mind, just like we do with our body or our food.

Nowadays the formulas to promote happiness are valued a lot, companies look for coaches of happiness, this philosophy is preached in the media and all this because it is known that when the spirit is strong they obtain better results in projects, relationships and in the Life in general.

In this blog, which calls for the prevention and taking responsibility for how we feel, today we talk about the main tool that can keep our minds and excitement about and body ready for the day and is ‘ THE THOUGHT!!

Nowadays there may be a certain tendency toward negativism, but to settle in that “way of being” is the worst way to prevent debilitating emotional states such as depression. There are tools for optimizing our minds, which are integrated into health coaching programs, and for me are vitamin C for strong emotional health, do you want to know what they are?

Depression And 3 Tools To Have A Healthy Mind!. Mindfulness or training in the now, in paying attention to the present moment.

Surely many times you go to work and do not know how you got parking or doing everyday habits like brushing your teeth, you are thinking about that anger that you caught with your brother, or maybe after 15 minutes of checking your e.mail you do not even remember why you turned on the computer. All these tasks would develop differently and you would be much more satisfied if you had the ability to focus only on what you do, what is known as “flowing with the now” or being in the present moment.

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Usually it costs us to pay attention without judging and also it has been seen that people who become depressed more, are constantly judging or judging others and do not remain aligned with their decisions and their tasks.

Do not give it a reason, give it a try!. Try to flow with every task you do today without caring about the rest of the world, people or problems around you, and watch your emotions and your results!!

  1. Optimism: When I write that it is necessary to train optimism I do not mean to spend all day with silly laughter. Being optimistic is not about always having positive thoughts. There are always going to be positive and negative things, but from experience I have seen that the optimistic person, when something good happens to him in his life, looks for the things he did to contribute to that result and moves them in some way to other areas of his life. On the contrary the pessimist, usually attribute the “good luck” to chance or fate.
  2. Resilience: To be resilient is to be able to learn from experience and to draw a positive lesson from the good or the bad that we are living. It is the ability to distance ourselves from the picture of our life and observe the complete painting to be aware of how we have intervened in the results. It is to trust that there is something superior to oneself that allows us, once past the bad swallow, to overcome it and throw back to walk.

Do you learn from the negative experience or sink into it?

I and many people I receive in my sessions and workshops have wasted a lot of their time by turning around the things that influenced bringing one or another negative result to their lives or blaming others. Thinking in this way does not lead to any solution and only generates stress. The discovery is that many of those things were not under our control at that particular time and therefore little could be done.

The positive thinking advises you look at problems as challenges and think you’ll always be able to find a good solution for you.

Focus on doing the things you can do and having the courage and humility to ask for help in those you cannot change is a very powerful strategy so that your mind is not susceptible to the fears and negativities that surround us.

Do you mind your mind? Do you need help to fine-tune your emotional health? Do you know that there are tools that can help you?

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