Do You Know When Healthy Habits Begin

Do You Know When Healthy Habits Begin?

They say that children are like sponges, absorb everything from the environment and not only the lessons or passion for a football team, but also health habits!

Did you know that eating habits begin to be adopted from the earliest childhood?

What is alarming about this fact is that there are studies that have observed the existence of a link between the use of sugary foods from very children and childhood obesity.

Overweight is an issue that is causing concern not only among health professionals and political leaders in the world, but also among the citizens and parents of our society. The BBC reported a few days ago that UK doctors had requested an emergency study to address childhood obesity, warning that fast food and sugary drinks could be contributing to “destroying the health of a whole generation of children “.

Our country is not far behind. About 40% of the Spanish population is overweight and 17% are obese. But it is that if we look at the diet of children’s early years we will see that it is plagued with products with excess sugars, coloring and flavoring that can be conditioning very harmful effects on their habits and their future health.

Do You Know When Healthy Habits BeginThat is why the call of attention of this post is directed to observe that food habits are sowing in our children and perhaps sooner than we imagine…

What food we prioritize, we are aware of its composition, from which age we begin to over sweeten the palate of our little ones? Do we use sugary products to make it easier for the child to eat better, calms down or as a reward? All this can carry a great risk to your health sooner than we imagine.

A series of 11 studies recently published in the journal Pediatrics shows that healthy eating patterns are established even before children start walking.

– In one of the published studies the researchers compared the diets that had about 1,500 children of 1 year and followed up the habits of these boys five years later.

 “Babies who had a poor consumption of fruits and vegetables from an early age also showed an infrequent consumption at age 6,” said Kelley Scanlon, an epidemiologist who was the lead author of some of the studies. Scanlon advises to introduce fruits and vegetables to children between 10 and 12 months of age.

– Another study found that babies who had been fed sugar-sweetened beverages were twice as likely to drink one of these beverages at least once daily at age 6. On the other hand, children who had been drinking sugary drinks three times a week or more were twice as likely to develop childhood obesity.

One way to ensure a better diet in the future according to these researchers is to practice breastfeeding, something that today is irreplaceable.

Therefore, let’s remember: it is good to introduce fruits and vegetables since children, because this habit will develop an enduring taste of the product in the body.

Instilling a healthy lifestyle from an early age and becoming aware of what we are accustoming to our children, can help build a healthy base for a lifetime, and prevent obesity and diseases related to this disorder in the future.

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