How Bad Character Affects Your Health

How Bad Character Affects Your Health

At times the “having character” has been misunderstood as synonymous with rudeness, arrogance or obstinacy but these attitudes will bring you anything but a good character. A person with a healthy character is one who has constant challenges but not against others, but himself. Each personal challenge is a way of forging a firm and determined character, unable to stop in the face of obstacles, to mourn for tiredness or when things go wrong.

The “bad character” on the other hand, can make the difference between living or “not living”, between health and illness. The bad character acts by infusing fear to others, but the effect that originates is assimilated to the firing of cannon that always has rebound effect, like the butt of a rifle and ends up damaging to itself and its surroundings.

The word character derives from the Latin character meaning to carve, carve, and paint.

It’s about knowing how to carve, sculpt, control, etc. But do not expect others to support you or change you, this is a job that you will only get from working with yourself.

Physiological Responses of “Bad Character”

How Bad Character Affects Your HealthOur hedonistic society tries by all means to end negative emotions. And curiously, u how to hide negative emotions is through “bad character”.

Thus, many people are in a permanent altered state to not show their true emotional pain, but sooner or later it will take a toll on them.

On the other hand, the negative emotions generated by the bad character are accumulating in our “inner deposit” and this can overflow giving rise to other forms of expression of the body such as allergies, gastrointestinal disorders, psoriasis, etc. Or other more subjective effects: phobias, anxieties, compulsive habits, etc.

If you have noticed, when you get angry, after the incident you are disturbed, trembling. Of course the other person may be worse off than you and can be removed as a preventive measure. However, if you are always in contact with the affected person (s) will be a permanent ordeal, which ends up generating side effects in your mood and your life.

Refurbishment of behaviors

In coaching processes we work with Neurolinguistic Programming, and we believe that all these situations are reversible. That the negative thoughts that derive in insane behaviors like the “bad character”, can be given by erroneous perceptions of the experiences of the past that generate us “negative anchors”. For example: a girl is punished in the small pantry, dark place and full of food which generates “fear”, to release that negative emotion begins to eat. Now when this girl feels afraid, she eats compulsively. Another example: a woman is irritated at having to give orders. A past experience in which he suffered a serious confrontation in the school damaging his self-esteem made him very distressed, connecting his current fury with fear of “not being heard”.

Through the process of coaching we can recognize the negative emotions and dismantle the beliefs and fears that limit our happiness, improving our character and impacting our relationships and our welfare goals.

By listening to oneself and the appreciative inquiry we become more aware, more capable and, above all, we dissolve our rigid mental structures in order to be able to change. If there are already several people have told you that you have “bad character” and want to avoid suffering, it would be good to take action on the matter. Your well-being and quality of life are at stake.

A process of Health Coaching aims to improve the well-being of the person in an integral way, introducing a series of changes that can lead to a 180º turn in his life, as of night to day and according to the objectives of Emotional health that the person wants to achieve.

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