MACARRONES WITH BOLETUS AND PRAWNS: preparation of the recipe

Macarrones With Boletus And Prawns: Preparation Of The Recipe

Today I have been given some boletus and I have thought of a simple first dish, quick and that allowed tasting all the nuances of some fresh boletus. So I decided to make them with macaroni and some Shrimp that I had frozen. It can be made with any other type of pasta and, of course, with any other type of mushroom and can be accompanied by sauce, if desired. I like sausages for pasta so much that I do not need to add anything else.

MACARRONES WITH BOLETUS AND PRAWNS: preparation of the recipeThese are the boletus and I still have more than one recipe.

Ingredients (4 people):

  • 300 g macaroni (without boiling)
  • 150 g boletus
  • 100 g gamabas peeled
  • garlic and chopped parsley
  • salt
  • extra virgin olive oil


We start by putting the water to boil and cook the macaroni with salt to the taste of each one. Once cooked, we drain them; pour a dash of olive oil and reserve. I did not want to add butter to keep the fungi out of the way. Meanwhile, we clean the ground nuts and cut them into sheets (the dish is more beautiful with the whole sheets, if they are not too large). Sauté the boletus with olive oil and when they start to brown add the garlic and the chopped parsley and give it a few turns. Add the prawns and when you reduce the little water they release can already be turned off. The plate is finished, it is only present.

To serve it, I put a base of macaroni and a little of the stir fry of mushrooms and prawns. The ingredients are nice enough to not have to add any decorations. It is a very light and very rich dish.

This is an easy and quick recipe. Perhaps the most difficult thing is to get the boletus, but we have them dehydrated all year round in many shops.


I hope you find this recipe useful and that you share it with your friends. Surely more than one will thank you. I also invite you to comment on this post to see what you think and so you tell me also your experience.

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