The Shower

The Shower

Shower is a component of our daily routines or should be. When it is not many times it is due to the difficulties that some people may have to use it. We are going to analyze the problems that can generate the shower for the back and the neck and how we must surpass them to enjoy those moments with health.

Shower and neck

The neck suffers with some of the habits we have in the shower. The most damaging gesture for the neck is to look up (as we see in the initial photo of the post). We do this to clear the soap while we pull our hair back. The reality is that this gesture is inadvisable for everyone, but much more for people with cervical injuries. Let’s break it down:

– Shower with head fixed to the wall: If we only have this type of shower it is very common that we look up to clear the face. There are two solutions. One is simply not to do it. We can direct the water to the face using the hands, keeping the head facing forward or down. The second solution is to look up but holding the weight of the head with one hand. This way the neck does not suffer because it does not have to make effort to maintain the position.

– Shower head with a movable head that we can pick up by hand: If we can pick the head in the hand and put it where we want, there is no excuse to look up and extend the neck. We simply must take the custom of showering in such a way that we avoid this gesture that we know is detrimental. The problem that this type of shower can have is the fatigue of the cervical muscles when holding the shower with the hand and raise the arm above the head. If we are with neck pain perhaps it would be better to hang it on the wall and look like this.

The ShowerShower and back

The shower that we usually have at home is a cabin with a shower tray and a head. This is very good for healthy people who are agile, keep both legs and arms in a healthy state. Not all people have the ability to stand for the duration of a normal shower or even the access to the shower itself can be a problem. This is especially true if the shower is inside the bathtub.

The main problem for the back is that the shower is designed to stand. Few showers offer the possibility of sitting. If we have significant back pain, sciatica or have just operated our back this can be a problem. Standing standing quickly exhausts the muscles responsible for stabilizing the vertebrae of the lower back. When we take a few minutes the pain will start.

If our shower is working and we do not intend to change it, we can add a chair inside. In the market there are multiple types of chairs that are designed to be inside the shower. In this way we can shower or sit or sit whenever we need. If we have problems of mobility there are shower chairs with wheels with which we can move to the interior of the shower. In this case the shower has to be prepared for this possibility and maybe we have to do some small work.

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