Sedentary lifestyle

Sedentary lifestyle

The current way of life for many is sedentary by doing a very limited physical activity with many hours sitting in a chair and with small non-car driving. We get up in the morning and after getting ready we leave the house with the car to get us in a traffic jam until we get to work. Surely we have not slept enough and we are in a hurry to not be late, but it is not the issue today. Then we got to work and spent hours sitting in a chair in front of the table. At the end of the work day we come home to take care of the children, if we have, or household chores like the dishwasher or the washing machine. Finally he rests and we sit on the sofa in front of the TV. This is how a normal day passes for millions of people.

Staying a lot of time during the day and poor muscle activity will harm the health of our back. Already just sitting around a good time a day in the car is a detrimental factor by itself. The stance we keep inside the car attached to the vibrations and bumps make us wear our back.

Sedentary lifestyleThis year I spent Easter in a house that my relatives have in a village in the north of Spain surrounded by mountains. In this village everything is in slope and surrounded by nature. There are many things that catch your eye when you come from a city and a sedentary habit.

The most striking thing was silence. It’s amazing how much noise we endure in cities. But not to get out of the subject, the next striking change was the activity that was done outside the houses. We were walking from side to side for everything we had to do; no one would take the car or stop doing what he had to do.

After a few walks through the village you would come home with your legs heavy and aching from the slopes. However during the walk you could see a lady of more than 90 years carrying bags uphill without any problem. We do not realize to what extent our daily physical activity can be derisory. This will affect the mineralization of our bones, the development and maintenance of our muscles and the health of our heart, arteries and lungs.

Everything we did required leaving home and walking. This reminded me of when I was a young man on the Camino de Santiago (for those who do not know what it is, it is a pilgrimage on foot that runs through northern Spain and ends in Santiago de Compostela). Coming back from this journey where he walked 40 kilometers day after day, his vision of the world had changed. Nothing was far away. If I wanted to go somewhere I had the approximate estimate of the time it would take and it was only a matter of time. Laziness and haste were gone. I do not know how long it took to disappear. With the passage of weeks everything returned to normal and walking a mile to carry out a message was a problem and took the car because there was no time or because it was far away.

We are trapped in a routine that is harmful to our body. If we do not change our habits nothing will change in the destiny of our health. I propose that you take longer to arrive because you have parked far and enjoy the road, not to use the elevator, to go on a bike to work, to go on a weekend excursion, what I know … The sedentary way of life absorbs you And takes your energies away, behind the depression. You have to be more outdoors, walk and activate our senses.

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